Financial advice for businesses

When it comes to financial services, how do the needs of your business differ from your own personal requirements?

In many respects the needs are similar and the solutions the same.

But what exactly is the business menu?

  • Pensions
  • Group Risk Benefits
    • Group rates are much lower than individual policy rates, and you will be able to offset them against tax.
  • Share protection
    • This enables you to afford the shares that become available through death or incapacity.
  • Keyman Insurance
    • Ensure that your business is able to survive the loss of a key employee.

Can we save your employees time off work?

If they require a mortgage or any other financial advice, then they may have to take extra time off to go to visit an adviser.

If you wish you can offer them a link from the workplace to our internet site and they can do business at less cost to you in time off work. Email us if you would like to set up a link.


Group risk benefits

Share protection

Keyman insurance