Life and Health

We offer whatever adfvice you need about life and health insurance.

This should include working with your to specify the exact contract you need, and then short listing and recomending one to best suit your requirements. There atre lots of differences in policy specification out there, many of which you may already be familar with, and others – perhaps not.

Should your life insurance policy be placed in trust ? The answer to that is probably yes, but do discuss that with us and we can advise.

Two reasons for putting a policy in trust

  1. a much faster claim payout than if it were within your estate
  2. it will be outside your estate, and thus be free of inheritance tax rather than adding to that problem

And just as a side issue, have you made a will, when was it last reviewed and if old, is it even still valid ?

Have you insured – your life, your health, your income ?

Explore in greater detail

  • Life Insurance Level Term
  • Renewable Term
  • Convertible Term
  • IHT gift protection
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Whole Of Life
  • Group schemesFree-Standing Critical Illness/Disability
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Private Medical Insurance

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