Autoenrolment into workplace pensions

Oct 16, 2015 | IFA Blog

So this one is obviously for business owners. This legislation is now hitting smaller companies.

If you have not heard from the pensions regulator yet you will very soon, and we are coming to the point where it is probably better not to wait but just get on with it now.

Whatever you do, please do not ignore it or think it will not apply to you. I met an accountant friend again recently and we were discussing this very subject and he told me about one of his clients who had received the standard correspondence from the pensions regulator, plus 4 letters from him and still done nothing and who is now being fined £250 per day, until she gets her business compliant with the legislation.

You can comply early and get it out of the way.

You can set everything up early and just press the “on” switch when your staging date arrives.

Or you can copy this real example of self destruction above.

And call me biased if you like, but life will be much easier for you if you seek advice rather than try and DIY.

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