Do you know all about your knobs and knockers?

Nov 30, 2015 | IFA Blog

Do you know that if you are buying a life, critical illness, or income protection insurance policy or have done so in the past there is an increasing chance that it comes with a variety of extras that may never have been explained to you.

Some of these services may be available to you to support you in the event of a health related claim, others may be available to your family in the event of a claim and others are available to your and your family and are totally unrelated to any likelyhood of a claim.

So what am I talking about.?

These knobs and knockers can include

Best Doctors – This is a frequent add on

Doctors around the world are asked whose advice and skills they would like if they were diagnosed with a serious (or even not so serious) condition. That has grown to an enormous database and if you (the policyholder) or your family are ever in this position they can seek an opinion on both the diagnosis and treatment from a world renowned expert in that field.

Free of charge


Your personal nurse adviser (or also for your family) to help you and them if you (or they) are diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness and going through al the problems associated with that diagnosis and treatment. This is not in place of you normal medical advisers be they NHS or private, but to support you in addition to the support provided by your medical carers.

Free of charge

Care Advice Service

This normally costs £120 but can be available free of charge to advise on service providers when you or your loved ones need advice on provision of care at home, sheltered accommodation and convalescent and residential care.

Free of charge

Legal and bereavement advice

Your personal adviser to help you make surer that if you are ill you are getting all the state benefits you are entitled to and support in returning to the best active lifestyle your condition permits.

Free of charge

BUPA healthline

24/7 access to a BUPA nurse to help and advise on health and lifestyle queries.

Free of charge

And finally for an exra £4 per month on the premium Global treatment available to you or your child. This is in combination with the Best Doctors service, and will pay for treatment, support, hospitalisation at treatment centres around the world if the treatment that you require is not available in the UK or not available soon enough costs covered include:

  • an expert second opinion
  • treatment abroad by a renowned specialist
  • hospitalisation costs
  • travel and accommodation costs for you and a partner or child + both parents
  • cash allowance for up to £100 per day for up to 60 days
  • ongoing medication costs on return to the UK up to £50,000 for approved medications not (or only partially) covered by the NHS

So what knobs and knockers do you have on your policies? Do you know?

If not find out you may be entitled to free help that you did not know about!

These and other services are with your policies, you may not know that you have them. And of course in writing this, space is limited and the notes above are summaries only with a lot of more detailed stuff as to exactly what they do, or what is covered. And of course they are not all available on any one policy!

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