What you need to remember when you are moving house

Feb 12, 2021 | IFA Blog

What to keep in mind when moving house

So, you’re moving house? Leaving one home and moving to another, no matter where it may be, is a big deal. So, while you are leaving memories behind and creating new ones in your new home, we are here to inform you about the things that you should keep in mind when moving house.

What should I look out for when moving house?

It is always a good idea to make sure everything is sorted when moving house. After all, you’re  also moving into a completely new and uncharted territory. What could go wrong?

First of all, it is important that you inspect your new property by looking at these few things:

Is the property connected to the national grid properly?

Do all the keys work?

Are the boiler and heating in full working order?

Also, don’t forget to let your previous energy supplier know that you’re moving house 48 house prior before the big day. According to the energy supplier British Gas, they require that you tell them your moving dates and if they will continue to be your supplier in your new home. They will ask you to submit a final meter reading on the day you move.

What are some insurance services that I can choose from when moving house?

IFA direct, are an independent financial service provider. They can offer mortgage protection life insurance with or without critical illness insurance cover so that in the event of death or serious illness your mortgage will be paid off. Of course that is not the end of it, at this stage your surviving family will be in a cold house wondering how to pay all the other bills and costs. IFA Direct can also do family protection life insurance to cover that and in the event that you are still there but ill or disabled they can also advise you on income protection insurance.

If you would like to know more about mortgage payment protection, you can visit IFA Direct’s website for more information.

How should I properly connect to the grid in my new home?

Finding an electricity provider should be like a lock and key: secure. In order to find the best provider possible, it is essential that you check a few items as soon as you move in:

Find out who your temporary supplier is: ask your contractor which supplier they used to set up the utilities. If your contractor is unsure, you can call your local Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS).

Contact your supplier with your meter reading: This way you’ll be able to know how much electricity has been spent before you move in.

Set up your energy account: give your supplier new readings often so that they can establish your usual consumption.

By checking these steps off the list, you are taking authority over how much you pay for electricity. And, as a homeowner, you know how important autonomy is.

It ‘s moving day. What should I do while moving house and after?

Although there are many things to be vigilant of when moving house. We’ve made a little checklist about what to do when you’re moving and after you have moved house.

On moving day, you should:

Take a meter reading from your old home and make sure you report it to your current supplier.

Leave a note for your home’s new owner / occupant advising them who currently supplies gas and electricity to your previous home.

Take a meter reading at your new home, and report it to the supplier to ensure that you are billed accurately by your new supplier.

Leave a forwarding address so that the new occupant, landlord, letting agent etc. can contact you if anything requires clarification.

After you’ve moved in, you should:

Contact your property’s incumbent supplier and find out what tariffs and rates you’re on. This will help you to make more accurate price comparisons.

You may want to perform one more price comparison before deciding whether to stay with your old supplier, or choose a brand new one.

Contact your new supplier and start the ball rolling. You’ll be free of your costly deemed contract within 17-21 days.

After you’ve done all these steps, you should be all ready to settle into your new home. Welcome, and remember that you can always switch energy suppliers at any time if you become unsatisfied with your current supplier. 

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