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ISA’s Pensions etc

This is the time of year when our intelligence hits new heights and we remind ourselves and you that the tax year end is coming. So: get your new ISA investments organised transfer from non ISA taxable funds to tax free ISA funds there is still time for lump sums into...

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And now for something different

I have never before strayed from our bread and butter Financial Services business. Like you I suspect I get lots of get rich quick e mails, many of them purporting to be free until you discover otherwise.   However I have recently come across a book that introduces...

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Inheritance Tax Planning & Other Stuff

Inheritance tax planning and other stuff So what is new, what is old, what is good and what works? Business property (BPR) Inheritance tax (IHT) relief is fantastic. ISA’s are now allowed to invest in shares in Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Many people have...

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